J. Michael McGuirt -- Form & Flow


Reflective of my artistic journey over the last 3 years, the title “Form and Flow” seemed the obvious choice for this exhibition. The show itself is a basic time line of my development and growth as an artist over the past 36 months.

My foray into the professional art world began with geometric designs in black and white acrylic paint that reflected my desire to express my creativity in a bold straight forward yet interesting way. The process was very time consuming and tedious which gave the creative challenge that I loved so much. But how do I go beyond the boundaries of the geometric designs? Yes, the black and white geometric paintings posed a challenge, but what more could I do? I wanted complexity beyond the normal confines of those drawn lines. I wanted to paint outside the lines and breathe life into the art. I wanted it to have a soul. I would have to use color to progress in the direction I needed to go.

In my experimentation with acrylic paints I saw what they were capable of. I’ve seen them take on a life of their own. But how could I possibly capture that on a canvas? The color combinations I saw were endless and more beautiful than I ever imagined. After a year and a half of what I would describe as my “mad scientist” state of mind, I finally figured out how to control the process enough to capture it on canvas. I was finally able to flow movement, depth and life onto a canvas and maintain its integrity. My basic structured geometric black and white paintings had evolved into more complex and “outside the lines” paintings dominated by color and movement.

I’m always asked who influenced my work. I’m not an art history major so I never knew how to respond properly to that question. I did realize along the way how much the German Bauhaus School of Design (1911-1922) influences many artists’ styles. It was the forerunner of the modernistic design movement. The Bauhaus philosophies embodied minimalism, geometrics, clean lines with bold simple coloration.  My geometrics were certainly influenced by this school of  thought. The teachers and students were amazingly creative and left a distinctive legacy for the future.

In this show, I pay homage to the creativity of the students of Buahuas who designed amazing costumes for theater productions and parties. Their geometric human-like figures and costumes are some of the most creative I’ve ever seen. I have incorporated my own designs of Buahaus-like figures into my show using simple colors drawn from the large flow paintings on display to tie the “form” of geometrics with the “flow” of color and life.

Enjoy. FORM AND FLOW by J Michael McGuirt


J Michael McGuirt, Visual Artist
J Michael McGuirt is a native of Camden, SC. He is a 1989 graduate of Furman University in Greenville, SC.  Michael is primarily a self-taught  artist and has been artistically driven since a child drawing on the rich diversity of culture and inspirations of the region. Gravitating toward nonrepresentational abstract acrylic paintings, Michael has developed a unique technique of painting that results in life, depth, movement, and personality in each painting. Although his process is free in spirit and movement, it is very much scientifically driven. The results are truly original and unique pieces of art that project heart and soul.


Michael Is currently represented at the Village Artists Gallery at the Village of Sandhills in Columbia SC , M Gallery in Lexington SC, and the J Michael Gallery in Camden SC. He can contacted at or 803-669-0230


The exhibition runs weekdays through May 5.


April 4, 2017 to May 5, 2017


  • April 4 | Opening Reception at 5:30-7:00 p.m.


Bassett Gallery