Kershaw County Music Association Music Scholarship Competition

This year, the Kershaw County Music Association (KCMA) will hold its Music Competition on Saturday, February 10 at the Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County in the Wood Auditorium.

This years' participates include (teachers listed in parenthesis) Emily Bell (Ari Dickinson), Robert Keen (Daniel Riddick), Joanna Norwood (Bo Dickinson), Alex Greenwood (Glenn Price), Sarah Gustafson (Alena Pagel), Molly Smith (Shana Herndon), Lydia Gustafson (Shana Herndon), Joshua Heriot (Becky Tafel), Patrick Carolina (Glenn Price), and Jimmie Moran (Becky Tafel).

Prizes to be awarded:

Brevard Music Institute Scholarship - full tuition (open to students who will be 14 at or prior to June 21, 2018 through age 18. The Brevard Scholarship winner must subsequently audition for the Brevard Music  Institute program and be accepted.

The Brevard application deadline is February 16, 2018. In the event the student is not accepted, the student will be awarded $500 to be used for music study. Camp dates are June 21 through August 5, 2018. Pianists may attend for either 3 or 6 weeks, and vocalists attend for 3 weeks.


Senior/Fran Shealy Scholarship
$500 for music study - grades 9 - 12

Junior Scholarship
$250 for music study - grades 6, 7 & 8

Rick W. Karesh Guitar Scholarship
Up to $500 for private guitar lessons – middle and high school students

Audition Date & Time: Saturday, February 10, 2018 as early as 1:00 p.m.  - All competitors will receive an individual audition time in advance of the competition

Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County – Wood Auditorium
810 Lyttleton Street
Camden, SC 29020

1. Competitors must have studied with a teacher (or teachers) who reside(s) in Kershaw County for at least the previous 3 months or the competitor must reside in Kershaw County.
2. Competitors may compete for more than one scholarship if they are eligible but only one scholarship will be awarded per competitor. Previous winners are not eligible to compete for the same scholarship on the same instrument again. They may compete for a different scholarship within the normal eligibility criteria or compete using a different instrument (for the purposes of these competition families of instruments are not considered a different instrument, i.e. alto sax is not eligible as a tenor sax.)
3. Competitors must affirm on their application that they will accept and use any scholarship awarded which includes attendance at the summer camp.
4. $5 non-refundable entry fee must accompany the application.
5.  Application forms must be signed by the competitor, parent and teacher.
6. Completed application forms with accompanying entry fees must be delivered to the Fine Arts Center, 810 Lyttleton Street, Camden, SC  29020 by February 2, 2018 or arrive at the Fine Arts Center postmarked no later than February 2, 2018.
7. Each competitor is allotted a maximum ten minutes of performance time and the limit will be observed strictly. If time is exceeded, the student will be interrupted and the performance stopped.
8. The competitor may perform a piece or pieces of his/her choice from any stylistic period. However, piano concertos are not acceptable repertoire for this competition.  In the case of orchestral instruments, if the composition is written with accompaniment, the accompaniment must be played. Contestants are responsible for providing their own accompanists. Computer generated accompaniment or recorded accompaniment is prohibited. Contact the Fine Arts Center for suggestions on locating an accompanist.
9. Competitors must furnish the judge a copy of the music to be performed, with measures numbered.
10. Playing from memory is not required but is advantageous.
11. A repeating competitor must play new repertoire.
12. A competitor may delete a piece listed on their application but may not add a new selection.
13. “Years of Study” are to be listed in calendar years from the beginning unless there was at least a six-month layoff in a single year.
14. Competitors must remain available in case they are called back for further judging unless released by the judge or FAC staff.
15. No one will be allowed in the audition room other than the audition manager, the judge, and the competitor and accompanist.
16. All competitors are required to perform in a public recital on February 10, 2018, in Wood Auditorium at the Fine Arts Center, at 4:00 P.M. Indicate with an asterisk which piece will be played at the recital (for program listing). The recital pieces are normally limited to three minutes.
17. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judges, whose decision is final. No award will be made if no winner is declared by the judges. Failure to perform at the recital may result in relinquishing any prizes won.
18. Winners are expected to perform at Fine Arts Center events throughout the following year and are encouraged to attend additional Fine Arts Center events.
19. Competitors must play standard orchestral or band instruments, piano or classical voice. Specific details are available at the Brevard Music Center website: http://www.


You may mail your application to:
KCMA Music Scholarship Competition
Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County
810 Lyttleton Street
Camden, SC 29020

You may also drop off your application in person to the FAC office during normal business hours (M-F, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

There is a $5 application fee.

For more information, contact Mary Ellen Jordan at 803-432-7274.

The competition will be followed by a concert showcasing the talented young musicians who participated in an earlier competition for a scholarship to music camps. The competition and recital is graciously sponsored by the Kershaw County Music Association (KCMA.) The winners of the Brevard, Senior/Fran Shealy Scholarship ($500), Junior Scholarship ($250) and the Rick W. Karesh Memorial Scholarship for Guitar will be announced at the end of the event.



  • $5.00 - Application Fee


February 10, 2018


  • Application Deadline at February 2, 2018
  • Competition and Concert at February 10, 2018 | Competition time TBD | Concert 4:00 pm


Wood Auditorium