Arts Arising

Open House on June 21, 2 PM

Final Showcase with gallery show and theatre piece June 30, 6 PM

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For parents of Returning (Alumni) Arts Arising students -

if your child is being asked to return you should receive an invitation during the first half of November 


For parents of New Arts Arising students:

if your child is being asked to attend you should receive an invitation during the last half of March


For all students attending:

You are required to turn in the following forms: Health/Emergency, Media Release and if riding a bus, a Bus Form.  These forms will be emailed to you, so be sure and provide a valid email with your registration. You can also pick up these forms at the front office of the Fine Arts Center. 

Your child can discover the arts in Arts Arising

Arts Arising is a program conducted by the Fine Arts Center for the Kershaw County Schools. It serves rising 4th - 7th grade students identified as gifted or talented in visual art, music, drama and dance.

The summer program will operate from the first full week of June for twelve days for rising 4th - rising 7th graders with an additional 7 days for rising 5th - rising 7th graders.

Initial auditions are held at the child's elementary school in the January time frame. Selected students then have an additional audition in early March at the Fine Arts Center before the final selection of participants is made.

Contact your school's music or visual art teacher for additional information.

The Arts Arising program allows gifted and talented students to develop toward their full potential in a supportive environment that challenges them to move beyond the expected. Arts Arising seeks to create art experiences that stimulate mental and aesthetic development.

Arts Arising allows students and teachers the luxury of totally immersing themselves in the arts. In-depth classes in the student's strong arts area coupled with interdisciplinary classes and daily lecture demonstrations by visiting artists and arts educators make for an exciting program.

This gifted and talented program is characterized by a stimulating and creative environment and an intense, persistent exposure to the arts. Curricula materials stress advanced understanding, skills and knowledge in the arts, and explore the many roles of the artist: critic, historian, aesthetician and producing and performing artist.

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Arts Arising Students are provided these opportunities:

  1. expand knowledge, technique and practice in a chosen art form
  2. study art forms and the common elements and principles within those art forms in a variety of disciplines
  3. experience first hand the work of professional artists
  4. refine problem-solving and self-evaluation skills through self-discovery, experimentation and research
  5. express feelings, moods, problems and solutions verbally, in writing and through various modes of artistic expression

Arts Arising is structured to illustrate the interrelationship between the various art forms through student work in all disciplines. We want students to learn that all artists deal with the same elements and principles of art and that the vocabulary of one discipline makes sense in another.

Movement students learn that visual artists are concerned with movement and drama students understand that while they use words, action and body language to create tension, a painter may use color, line and placement.

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